• AKC Red Robin's Sidekick of DaeShar's

  • Registered Standard poodle.

  • son of Black Hill's Red Robin

  • OFA Hips Score- Excellent

  • OFA Elbows-Normal

  • OFA Certified Heart

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F1b puppies are 75% Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever.  This is a good breed for families that are looking for an intelligent dog that is hypoallergenic and very little or no shedding.  Many families buy this mix of puppy to use as service dogs or the families that are dealing with allergies.

Star is very loving, loyal, playful and easy to train.  F1b coats may be curly or wavy. Star is very smart and full of energy. Star has been to many training classes to learn new things. She loves going to dog training school, where she learns to be responsive to her handlers commands. She has  earn herself the Advance Home Companion certificate and has move several classes beyond.  I am sure her puppies will make an excellent pet for you.  A picture of her soon.

Puppy News

  • OFA Cardiac Disease - No evidence of congenital cardiac disease

  • OFA - Thyroid disease - Normal                                              
  • OFA Hip displasia - Certified good    


  • OFA Elbow displasia - Certified good      


  • CERF Eyes - Certified normal, clear    


  • VWd's - Clear​

The parents of F1b litter is Lucy

ROBIN - Retired

Spokane River Goldendoodles

Lucy - This is her last litter, her puppies are mellow and very cute                           

  • OFA Hips . . . certified good

  • OFA Elbows . . . certified normal

  •  CERF . . . eyes certified clear

  •  vWd's . . . Clear 

  • SA . . . Clear

  •  Thyroid . . . normal

  •  Addisons Disease . . .clear​

ANNIE - Retired

Star and Sidekick gives us F1b puppies

The parents of our F1 litter is Lucy, Golden Retriever and Red Robin's Sidekick of Daeshar's, cream Standard Poodle, so F1 puppies are half Golden Retriever and Poodle. They tend to have wavy hair that won't shed or barely shed and are mostly hypoallergenic. They are intelligent, easy to train and are very much a people dog, perfect for a family or someone that wants an exercise or hiking companion. Lucy, a beautiful 50 lb. Golden Retriever is  our "singing dog" as she sometimes wags her tail and sings us a dog song, we wish we knew what she was saying. She is very loving, wants to please you and is very faithful, always our shadow.

Sidekick, the father to all my puppies, is quite the gentleman in every way.  We will have all the puppies temperament tested before we place them in your home to ensure the best match for your life style.  

Your puppy will arrive micro-chipped, spayed or neutered with a health certificate, parents test results, up to date shots, wormed, dewclaws removed, temperament tested, a bag of food which we feed all of our puppies, a puppy book, and more.

These puppies have been raised in our home with lots of love and attention.  
We have placed some our puppies in homes with autistic children for companions, to be diabetic alert dogs, hearing alert dogs and stroke victim support dogs. Maybe one of these puppies could be of service to your special needs. 


​AKC Registered Red Standard Poodle from Daeshai's Kennel

  • OFA Cardiac disease . . . no evidence of congenial cardiac disease

  • OFA Hip . . . certified good

  • CERF eyes . . .certified normal - clear

  • vWd's . . . clear​

We have two breeding females 'Lucy' our Golden Retriever and 'Star' our F1 Goldendoodle.   We breed our two females to Daeshar's handsome stud, a cream standard poodle 'Sidekick'.

To reserve a puppy you need to first contact us, email or telephone call, so we can get familiar with your lifestyle and needs.  If we both agree we have a good match you must send us adeposit of $300 to hold your puppy.  The balance due of $1700 plus shipping fees if they apply will be due before you pick up the puppy, we deliver the puppy or the puppy gets shipped.


  • DNA test for DM - Clear

  • vWd - Clear thru parents

  • Thyroid Gold Certified thru Hemopet

  • CERF done yearly for eye diseases

  • SA-Clear