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Our puppies are all F1b's which means their mothers are half Golden Retriever and Poodle or Half Bernise Mountain Dog and Poodle. We breed our F1 females to pure breed poodle studs. This breeding program ensures us we get the puppies which are least likely to shed and most hyper allergenic which is our prime purpose in breeding doodles for people with allergies.  After one hundred pups we only had to rehome one pup that caused allergies with a child.  As a bonus we also have puppies that have terrific temperaments and are easy to train.

            "Fiona" Goldendoodle                                                    "Lily" Bernidoodle

Spokane River Goldendoodles and Menifee Bernidoodles

The Goldendoodles and Bernidoodles temperament are friendly dogs to all people, children and other dogs. They think they are one of the family, always wanting to please you, very easy to train, athletic, loyal, and sometimes a trickster and comedian. We find the Bernidoodle may have spurts of energy but little less endurance at playtime, they like long hikes.

Our puppies will be, micro chipped, dew-clawed, vet exam, wormed, first shots, temperament tested and come with a bag of treasures like food, toys, puppy training book and part of a real antler to chew. Most important both parents have been extensively tested for inherit diseases prevalent in the Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle breeds so that you will be getting a guaranteed healthy puppy. You also get a lifetime of support from us.

We will work with you in making arrangements to transport or meet you in the middle to ensure your pup has a safe trip to your home. We travel north every spring (bernidoodles go north) and south every fall (goldendoodles go south).

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Our puppies will make you feel special!

Spokane River Goldendoodles and Menifee CA Bernidoodles

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Spokane River Goldendoodles


Menifee  Bernidoodles

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